In the fight against cancer, the new “c” word is collaboration.

United Theranostics serves the nuclear medicine needs of community practices by collaborating closely with other medical practitioners, focusing on the care of cancer patients, specifically by providing radiopharmaceuticals for treatment of prostate, neuroendocrine and thyroid cancers.

We follow patients along with their providers longitudinally, handle prior authorizations, and follow up on patient questions and concerns. And we make referrals as simple and easy as possible, staying in close contact with referring providers about the needs of our mutual patients.

Our Theranostics Centers of Excellence® are designed and located to support patient access to advanced molecular imaging and therapy in a community setting.

Treatments we offer:

Radiopharmaceutical therapy

Prostate cancer:
Pluvicto® (Lutetium Lu-177 PSMA-617, vipivotide tetraxetan)
Xofigo® (Radium Ra-223 dichloride)

Neuroendocrine malignancies:
Lutathera® (Lutetium Lu-177 DOTATATE)

Thyroid cancer:
Radio Iodine (Iodine I-131)

Post-treatment qSPECT/CT Dosimetry

To optimize patient safety and efficacy of therapy, we personalize radiopharmaceutical treatment using dosimetry based on qSPECT/CT imaging. Over time, we measure the biological clearance of the administered radiopharmaceuticals dynamically to obtain precise measurements of the doses delivered. This helps in accurately characterizing dose delivery to healthy organs at risk, such as the liver and kidneys, dose to tumors, and appropriate clearance from the body over time to ensure the safest and most personalized treatment possible.